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Explore tutorials, articles, and freebies to become inspired and creative as you develop your design and coding skills. Our articles and tutorials have reached over 1 million creatives online, in hundreds of countries around the world. XO PIXEL’s mission is to provide creative and inspiring design, coding tutorials and helpful articles for enthusiastic learners online. By taking a look around XO PIXEL, you’ll notice four main types of content: Video Tutorials, Articles, Freebies, and Cool Extras.

Video Tutorials

The high-quality videos on XO PIXEL follow the design principle: “keep it short and simple” (K.I.S.S.). We believe in simplicity in learning, and strive to keep out unnecessary complexities that can become confusing to learners. All of XO PIXEL videos are made of the highest quality, with HD video, high-quality audio, and engaging upbeat music. All of these elements create a positive, engaging, and entertaining learning experience for viewers. Fun fact: XO PIXEL’s first video was uploaded to YouTube on June 11th, 2014—it’s the most viewed video to date. We also provide exclusive video content for XO PIXEL Gold members.



All of XO PIXEL’s articles also follow the K.I.S.S. principle. We provide informative articles on a variety of subjects—from web design, front-end web development, and technology.

XO PIXEL Articles


At XO PIXEL, we also provide quality freebies such as graphics, printables, and templates. Once you become an XO PIXEL Gold member, you’ll come to appreciate many attractive freebies, exclusive to you. Many of the free graphics and templates are what I use for my own projects. It’s highly recommended for XO PIXEL readers to use them for their own design projects too!

XOPIXEL Freebies

Cool Extras

In addition to all of the great content types above, we also have provided some cool extra content. We host giveaways, that XO PIXEL readers can enter for a chance to win cool prizes. In the past, readers have won music speakers, home office supplies, coding books, and graphic novels.

Another extra, offered on the website, are tech reviews. We’ve made tech reviews in the past on the XO PIXEL YouTube channel and they’ve been huge hits. In XO PIXEL first two videos, we’ve reviewed a trendy app and a Google smartphone to over 32,000 people!

Lastly, you will enjoy the interviews with people already in the design, coding, and tech industry. It’s always great to see how successful people achieve their success. Having an inspiration, or someone to look up to, is a great way to stay motivated.

Who Reads XO PIXEL?

XO PIXEL readers are creative, engaged, intelligent and ambitious women and men who are passionate about design and technology ages 18-34.

The majority of XO PIXEL readers live in the United States and reside in California, Texas, New York, Florida, and Illinois. Canadian readers mostly reside in Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, and Vancouver. We also have design and tech-savvy readers from all around the world including the United Kingdom, India, and Australia.