Year In Review: 2018

2018 has been such an AMAZING year thanks to you, the reader, the amazing people at Adobe and some awesome clients that I was fortunate enough to work with during the year. I travelled to California for the first time ever. I now get the hype, California really is a great place with good weather and amazing opportunities.

Highlight: YOU

This year was such an amazing year for me, but I couldn’t have done it without your support. That’s why I want to take this moment to thank you, the reader and viewer alike. I read all of your wonderful comments, whether here on my blog,  YouTube channel, Twitter, or Instagram. Your kind words of support and feedback that my content helped with a school project, work or as personal motivation encouraged me to continue my work.

Thank you all for being such amazing support in my work life. I’m so grateful when I feel discouraged, your comments definitely give me the boost that I need to continue to forge ahead. Also, be sure to check out the #XOPIXELPerfect gallery to see some amazingly talented designs based on XO PIXEL tutorials.

Highlight: Collaborating with Adobe

In California, I hosted the XD Daily Creative Challenge and went to Los Angeles to Adobe Max. Working with Adobe XD team and the Adobe Live team truly made for an exciting year. They were so kind to me and I’m so grateful to have been given the opportunity to work with them to create some amazing content. Adobe Max was such an exciting vent, I was able to see, first hand, the innovation and hard work that goes on behind the scenes at Adobe. That’s why Adobe Apps are so great!


In 2017, I announced the launch of my digital media consulting business, XO PIXEL CREATIVE. As luck would have it I was able to work with some awesome clients this year before I had a chance to create the official site. In 2019, I’m excited to announce that XO PIXEL will soon have a home for prospective clients to see all the services being offered, I have a lot planned and I can’t wait for it to go live for all to see!


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Highlight: Collaborating with Canada Learning Code

In June, I wrote an article on my experience attending a Ladies Learning Code class in Toronto. The article was featured on the Canada Learning Code blog!

Highlight: 10K Subscribers & 900,000+ video views

This year, I also reached a major milestone: 10,000 subscribers! I remember getting my first 100 back in 2014 and how happy I was. It’s so surreal now that I’ve reached 10K and I’m so thankful for everyone that subscribed to my channel. Now that I’ve reach 10K subscribers, I can say that what’s most important to me is that my content is well received by my viewers/readers and that it’s impacting and helping people. In addition, I’ve been fortunate enough to also share my time and skills with clients and other companies.

More XO PIXEL Stats

In addition to all my 2018 highlights above, here are some more 2018 XO PIXEL stats:

Most Watched Videos 2018

Most Liked Tutorials 2018

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