Year In Review: 2017

Year In Review: 2017

2017 was a BIG year for XO PIXEL. From collaborating with Adobe to creating a community of committed DIY learners through XO PIXEL Gold Membership, so much amazing things happened! I’m so happy that I’ve been able to share my knowledge, tips and advice in all things design, code and tech with so many of you this year. So, without any further day, here’s my year in review for 2017:

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Highlight: Designing with Adobe XD

Collaborating with the amazing Adobe XD team to create a 16 part tutorial series to help spread the word about the amazing Adobe XD app was such an amazing experience. I’ve been using Adobe for many, many years. It was pretty surreal to be able to work with them! I encourage you to watch the series for an in-depth design tutorial and if you’re a fan of my tutorial, there are 16 videos for you to go through. The tutorials can be watched individually and followed individually, or you can follow it from beginning to end to re-create the destination website by yourself. Also, check out the promotional Behance artwork.

Highlight: 5.8K + Subscribers

Another great highlight was ending the year off with 5,800 + subscribers (close to 6K) on the XO PIXEL YouTube channel. To put that in perspective, last year I had around 1.7K subscribers, so in total, I’ve gained 4.1K new pixels! I’m truly grateful for all of your support, every comment, like, request—all of it. I’m glad you enjoy the videos that I’ve released this year and although sometimes I might not upload every single week, I’m still active on the blog and on social media. I’m looking forward to the videos that I’ll be releasing in 2018 and I hope you enjoy them as much as you did this year.

Highlight: XO PIXEL Creative

In addition to all the amazing things that happened this year, I’ve launched XO PIXEL Creative. We work with brands to create engaging custom digital media content for millennials through creative and influential learning and storytelling. XO PIXEL creative has created video content, promotional articles, printed media and websites. We’ve even filmed and edited a wedding video!

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  1. Marisa,

    It was such a pleasure working with you too! We hope to do so again in 2018.

    Stay Creative,

    Lindsay + Team XD

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