Year In Review: 2015 via

Year In Review: 2015

Looking forward to 2016!

If you haven’t already, check out my Year In Review: 2014 before you read this post!

It’s crazy how your life can change in twelve months. Sometimes, you don’t even realize how much things have changed. Looking back at my year, I went through almost a transformation of sorts from all the changes that have occurred in my life. I’ve learned so many important lessons and as a result, I’ve grown so much! The experiences I went through this year have taught me what I want and what I truly want in my life. I’m so thankful that I have such supportive people around me and I could not have of thrived in 2015 without them. Compared to last year, I’ve accomplished quite of few of my goals that I wanted to reach. In my Year In Review: 2014 I listed some things that I’ve accomplished that year and goals I want to reach for the next year. So, to keep up with this tradition, I will do the same this year. Here are some goals that I’ve accomplished in 2015:

  • Got an amazing paid internship
  • Reaching 10,000 readers each month learning more about design & tech
  • 600+ amazing YouTube subscribers learning more about design & tech
  • Held 2 fun giveaways for my readers & subscribers
  • 50,000+ video viewers
  • Readers like you sharing XO PIXEL blog posts!
  • 200+ Facebook fans
  • Amazing people like you reading and commenting on my blog posts & videos!

I’m so proud and honoured to have had so much support from readers like you! Looking back at last years post, I couldn’t have imagined to have accomplished so many of the goals I set last year. I’m still learning and growing each and every day, that’s why in 2016, I hope to accomplish the following goals:

  • Hold at least 3 awesome giveaways
  • Engage with readers/subscribers
  • Post videos & blog posts once a week (minimum)
  • Meet and network with more amazing people
  • Be featured in a prominent publication/media
  • Collaborate with other Bloggers/YouTubers

Now It’s Your Turn!

What are some goals that you’ve accomplished this year that your proud of? Do you have any goals you would like to accomplish in 2016? Let’s chat in the comments below!

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