XO PIXEL Just Got A Website Makeover (2017)

Color Palette

The overall color palette for the new website is really white and super bright! Maybe it’s because winter is over and summer is almost here, but whatever it is, I really wanted to wake the website up by using a lot of white, light gray, and pink. Also, using such a light color palette helps the featured article images stand out. All of our article and tutorial images are made to be unique. They deserve the spotlight!

Homepage Layout

The homepage layout has dramatically changed—for the better. Now, you’re able to see way more articles, first-thing, than in the previous layout. The first thing you see when visiting the site is the three latest posts (not one, but three!!). Once you scroll down the site, you’ll notice that all of the articles are divided into categories.  There’s also a few, very large, featured articles, thrown into the grid. They’re doing a really good job standing out, aren’t they? Finally, the coolest feature on the homepage is the “back to top” button. Since the homepage layout does require a lot of scrolling, adding a “back to top” button was a must. Go ahead and try it out, it’s pretty neat.

XO PIXEL Just Got A Website Makeover
Recent Posts on the new homepage
XO PIXEL Just Got A Website Makeover
Large Featured Post


Sayonara to the previous (huge) header that was at the top of the old layout. I’ve turned all of that into a nice little compact top menu. It’s a sticky menu, which means that it’s fixed to the very top of the browser. No matter how far down you scroll, the menu will always be fixed right at the top for easy access. You can also take a look at all of our social media links, and search the entire website. Also, I totally know that this is a no-brainer for all websites, but the menu is also fully responsive and features an off-canvas menu, that slides into view on your mobile device once selected. There’s a ton of readers who visit XO PIXEL via their mobile device, so I hope this is a UX win for the website!

The Footer

I love the design of the footer, especially the trendy slant that I added to the section. Straight lines can get boring after awhile, am I right? Plus, slants are totally in this year! Also, note the convenient email sign-up form. P.S. the statement text is true, XO PIXEL does have the best design, code, and tech newsletter. I like to think of XO PIXEL and its newsletter as fine wine—it just keeps getting better with age (lol).

XO PIXEL Just Got A Website Makeover
The new footer!

I Love Feedback!

Overall, I’m so happy to launch this new look for XO PIXEL. Personally, I think this is the best look to date (but that’s obviously pretty biased). That’s why I would love to read what you think about the new site. Also, even though the new site is live, there are still some inevitable tweaks that are needed.

So, do you like the new look? Notice anything weird?  Leave a comment below. I would love to get your feedback!

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    1. Thanks, Tanea!

      I’m looking forward to all the new content that will be added to the site, using this layout. My main goal was to improve the UX for the site, both on desktop and mobile. Based on the feedback I got so far, I think it’s been successful 🙂