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Why I Use Adobe XD For Website Mockups (Not Photoshop)

This past summer, I did almost all my website mockups using Adobe XD with amazing results. I think it’s safe for me to come out and make a whole post about it because this is kind of a big deal.

Now, you might be wondering if I’m going to stop making web design tutorials in Photoshop– the answer is yes. Just kidding! No way. I’m not going to stop making web design tutorials in Photoshop. Not everyone has an Adobe CC subscription, let alone Adobe XD. But, I now use Adobe XD for my website mockups instead of Photoshop. Why? Well, I’ve listed some reasons below:

1. It’s Vector Based

My biggest pet peeve with Photoshop is that it’s a raster graphics editor. Unlike vector programs like Illustrator, there’s a limit to how far I can zoom into my work before it turns pixelated.  The beauty of Adobe XD is that it’s vector based. Now, I can zoom in as much as I want without the image pixelating making it easier to add details to my designs.

2. It’s Lightweight

The Adobe XD interface is minimalistic making it a breeze to use. Photoshop is a large app that has many great features. But when I’m designing a website, I don’t need many of its features. Also, I can use other apps while I work, without my computer slowing down. I also rarely (if ever) experience any lagging when I’m designing in XD.

3. It’s Easy To Use

Adobe XD is so easy to use. Compared to Photoshop, the learning curve for Adobe XD is non-existent. Just a quick overview of where everything in the app is can turn an inexperienced web designer into an Adobe XD expert. I believe in the old saying “With fewer apps, comes less responsibility”. Wait, that’s not how the saying goes? Oops!

4. Easy to present to clients

One of my favorite features in Adobe XD is how easy it is to share your artboards/mockups with clients. Instead of sending PNG or PDF files of my website mockups for clients to see, I can just send a short link that has all my designs on an attractive professional web page–it’s such a cool feature!

5. Made For Web Designers

Photoshop is such a staple in the web design community. The problem is that it’s a photography application. That’s always been the problem. It was not designed for our industry. Throughout the years, Adobe tried to make Photoshop web designer-friendly. But, it still wasn’t doing it for me and I’m sure other web designers felt the same way.

Graphic Designers have Adobe Illustrator, Photographers have Photoshop. It’s about time that Adobe came out with a software made for us! Adobe XD is the answer to our prayers.

5. Great Alternative To ‘Sketch’

As a result of the lack of web designer-friendly applications, Sketch came out in 2008 with a bang. So many web designers use Sketch and you might have noticed a lot of talk about it within the community. In 2016, Adobe Experience Design (XD) was released.  The influence Sketch had on the Adobe XD interface is quite obvious.

To compare the two, I’ve found that Adobe XD is easier to learn and use than Sketch. Granted, Sketch has more features, but that’s kind of why it’s not as easy to use as XD. Also, most features that I need and use are available in Adobe XD. Any more than that gets kind of overwhelming to be quite honest.


Adobe XD is a great program for both web designers and UX designers. Also, because I use more than one Adobe program, an Adobe CC subscription makes sense. Just in case you were wondering, I have an Adobe CC Students & Teachers subscription which gives me a sweet 60% off discount. But don’t worry, If you’re not a student or teacher, you can still purchase an Adobe CC subscription and pay for it on a monthly or yearly basis at a great price.

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Do you agree or disagree? How has your experience been using Photoshop for web design? What do you think of Adobe XD? Have you ever used Sketch? Let’s chat in the comments below!

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