This Web Browser Won’t Sell Your Personal Info

As much as we all love Google and their free apps, let’s face it—they have more dirt on us than our best friends and family combined. Those Google apps know us better than we know ourselves. They’ve got all of our info, just based on what we search for and add to our calendar’s. It’s actually pretty scary when you think about it.

Privacy is becoming more and more of an issue now that the words out on how some of our favorite web browsers sell all of our personal info and data to companies, many people are searching for alternative search engines than Big Brother *cough* I meant Google.


If you’ve ever been concerned about your search engine privacy, I’ve found a really great search engine that you can do. Introducing DuckDuckGo—it’s a search engine that prides itself on being the antithesis of Google. DuckDuckGo makes it very clear that they won’t ever store your precious personal data or follow us around with annoying ads.

In a world where we’re expected to share everything in our daily lives, and our favorite website’s make the novel Big Brother a reality, DuckDuckGo offers some much-needed privacy that we’ve been all craving for.

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