The New 2015 MacBook Is Here

On March 9th, Apple held a press event announcing details on the Apple Watch and the new 2015 MacBook. The beauty of the Apple Watch is that you can use it instead of your credit card at Sephora and Whole Foods. But a super cool feature of the Apple watch is that you can simply wave it at an American Airline gate for an easy boarding process (so cool!). However, the main show stopper in my opinion, was the new MacBook. The new MacBook is Apple’s slimmest and lightest MacBook, weighing in at 2lbs (0.93lbs lighter than the MacBook Air). It comes in 3 gorgeous colours: gold, silver, and space grey (the same 3 colours for the iPhone 6). Apple announced that this sleek new Retina MacBook will start at $1,299, and it will top out at $1,599. It will be released next month on April 10th.

One of the biggest problems of the old MacBook was its weight. Many of my friends complained about it to the point where they even stopped bringing it to campus since commuting with it would just kill their backs. Luckily, if you’re currently in the market for a new laptop, you can take it to work or school with ease.

Best Features:
  • Up to 9hrs battery life
  • 12″ retina display
  • 2lbs
  • full sized keyboard
  • silent, efficient preformance
  • stylish colours: gold, silver & space grey

Now It’s Your Turn!

What are your thoughts on the new MacBook? Are you interested in getting one? Let’s talk in the comments below!

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