The Design & Code Music Playlist #05 (Halloween Edition)

The fifth edition of the Design & Code Music Playlist is here! The Design & Code Music Playlist is a playlist curated just for us web designers, web developers, and graphic designers as we're working on our side projects, hustles, and daily creative tasks.

Halloween is fast approaching which is why I’ve decided to create a special Halloween playlist for my fellow designers, coders, and creatives! The Design & Code Music Playlist #05 features thrilling and chilling tracks from Steve Aoki, Knife Party, Kanye West, Keisha Chante, Drake, Rihanna, Michael Jackson and more! Listen to this playlist this week to help hype you up for any Halloween parties or events. Enjoy!

Marisa Blair is a front-end web developer and graphic designer based in Toronto. When she's not writing for her blog, she's making design & tech videos for her YouTube channel.

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