The Design & Code Music Playlist #06

The sixth edition of the Design & Code Music Playlist is here! The Design & Code Music Playlist is a playlist curated just for us web designers, web developers, and graphic designers as we’re working on our side projects, hustles, and daily creative tasks.

How To Copyright Your Code

We all know copyright law in regards to writing and music. But how does it to apply to us web developers and our code? In this article, I’ll discuss open and closed source software and how you can choose a license to protect your work.

July 2017 Design, Code & Tech Favorites

It’s time to share with you all of my favorite design, code, and tech favorites that I came across this July 2017. As always, the following websites, tools, and resources will make your life so much easier. You’ll be more productive, efficient and inspired.

Ladies Love Code: Tanea Nicole

Ladies Love Code is a new series on XO PIXEL that highlights the amazing women that LOVE code. Despite the statistics that show us the lack of women that code, I want to shine a light on the ladies that do. I hope this series inspires and motivates any lady that’s learning code. You code girl!