September Design & Tech Favorites 2016

Hey, Pixels! This September I used some really awesome design and tech tools. Take a look below:

1. Flat UI Colour Picker

Flat UI Colour Picker has been so helpful for me. Flat Colours are super trendy within the web design community this year. It’s also been widely used across Android and other Google products. If you’re a fan minimalism, you’ll love choosing colors from Flat UI Color Picker.

Flat UI Colour Picker

2. Placehold.It

If you’re a front-end web developer, you’re going to LOVE It’s a life saver! makes it easy for you to add placeholder images to your websites. All you need to do is use their fancy url to set the dimensions of the image. You can even change the color of the placeholder image to suite your design. Cool, huh!


3. Adobe XD

I’m so glad that Adobe has released a software for vector based UX design. I’ve heard of other apps that are similar to XD. But, it makes it so much easier to just use Adobe XD since it comes with my Adobe CC plan. Photoshop was my go-to web design app for years, but I decided just to try Adobe XD to see if it’s as good as it claims to be. I’m so glad I did! My designs look AMAZING using this software and I’m sure my clients would agree.Adobe XD

4. SOL Republic Tracks Headphones (White)

The only headphones I use are the Sol Republic Tracks Headphones by SOL Republic. I purchased these headphones with a white headband and I’m in love with them. I usually like to stay safe and purchase black, but I wanted to try something different–so I chose the white band. I like it!

SOL Republic Tracks Headphones (White)

5. Panda Keyboard Cover

I’m a minimalist and clean design is EVERYTHING. That’s why I love the design of Apple’s line of iMacs and Macbook pro’s. Their keyboard is always clean and minimalistic. However, when I saw this Panda Keyboard online, I just had to buy it! I really like the colors–it’s white but also has a cute panda face. Who could say no to that face!?

Panda Keyboard Cover

6. Nexus 6P

If you haven’t watched my Nexus 6P unboxing video, WATCH IT NOW! I’m loving this phone. The Nexus 6P has been such a breeze to use and makes my life so much easier. When I purchased the phone, there was only one left in stock at the store. Now, I can see why!

Nexus 6P

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