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Product Review: BenQ ScreenBar Plus LED Computer Monitor Lamp

Recently, the company BenQ asked me to review their ScreenBar Plus Computer LED Monitor Lamp. I’m excited to give you my honest review of this cool tech!

Hey, Pixels! If there’s one thing I love more than travelling, its reviewing cool new tech. That’s why I’m so excited to review this unique tech for you. It’s called the BenQ ScreenBar Plus LED Computer Monitor Lamp by BenQ America Corporation. This BenQ Screen Bar is an LED Computer Monitor Lamp that attaches to your monitor and adds additional lighting to your desktop or workspace area. Features of this lamp include:

  • Desktop Dial + Auto-Dimming
  • Mood lighting
  • Space saving
  • Screen glare free
  • USB powered

What’s in the box?

Photo of an opened BenQ screen LED computer monitor lamp
Inside the box.
Pictured from top right to bottom left: LED Lamp, Adjustable lamp arm, USB power cord and desktop dial.
Pictured from top right to bottom left: (1) LED Lamp, (2) Adjustable lamp arm, (3) USB power cord and desktop dial.

Product Setup & First Impressions

Setting up the lamp was easy. In a matter of a few “snaps”, I was able to attach the lamp to the adjustable lamp arm so that it sat nicely on my monitor. The USB power cord is long enough to reach my USB port on my Macbook Pro and sit on top of my monitor. Thankfully, there wasn’t a ton of additional cord.

Turning on the lamp for the first time. Auto-adjusting lighting to the room.

The desktop dial is where all the magic happens. You can manually adjust the brightness and mood/temperature of the lamp from warm to cool. If you don’t want to mess with those manual adjustments, the desktop dial can auto adjust based on your room’s lighting. That’s a handy feature!

Using the desktop dial to adjust the temperature/mood from warm to cool.

Another great thing about this lamp is that it really is space saving. It’s not sitting on my desk, nor is it on the wall or taking up room on my floor. It’s just gently sitting on my monitor.

Back & Front of lamp
Back & Front of the lamp

Final Thoughts

The BenQ ScreenBar Plus LED Computer Monitor Lamp is something that I never knew I needed, but I’m glad that I have it. I thought I had enough lighting at my desk, but the lamp adds a nice amount of additional lighting to my workspace.

My favorite feature is the ability to manually adjust the lamp temperature. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been very particular about the kind of light bulbs I use, based on the color temperature. Generally, I prefer warm/neutral lighting to cool fluorescent lighting (I loathe fluorescent lights). Being able to adjust that on a lamp is pretty awesome.

Where to buy

If you’re interested in purchasing the BenQ ScreenBar Plus LED Computer Monitor Lamp, you can easily get it on Amazon.

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