Nikon D5300 Unboxing

So after saving, waiting and a ton of debating, I finally got a new camera (an early Christmas gift to myself). Thanks to some awesome YouTube channels like this one, various blogs, in-store testing and product reviews, I decided to purchase the Nikon D5300. Prior to purchasing the Nikon D5300, I narrowed down my search to either the Canon Rebel T5i.

Once you go HD, you can’t go back

Honestly, I was so close to purchasing the T5i. However, what put me off of getting the Canon Rebel T5i was that I didn’t try it in the store like I did the Nikon D5300. The only way I would be ok with buying it is if I got the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM lens. Also, my impression of the Canon Rebel T5i is that it’s more popular among YouTubers and it’s much easier to film with than the Nikon. But, the Nikon D5300 had a better picture and video quality compared to the Canon Rebel T5i. The Nikon D5300 also has some pretty cool features that I really liked.

Some negative things that I heard about the Nikon D5300 are that when recording video with “autofocus” on, the camera lens makes loud noises when it’s focusing. This same noise can be heard in the video playback which is terrible! My solution for that is to just leave focusing on “manual” when filming. I’m still getting used to controlling the camera in manual mode so please forgive me if my first few videos have focusing issues!

Right now, I’m ecstatic now that I have this new HD camera! I made a really simple unboxing video just in case you wanted to know what’s inside the Nikon D5300 box. I also purchased a Tripod, and the unboxing for that is included in the video below.  I’m able to play around with it and learn more about how it works. It’s an amazing camera. I recommend this camera if you’re in the market for a new one. I can’t believe I waited so long to upgrade. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel because from now on, I’ll be creating some really cool HD videos with this camera very soon. I’m still getting used to it but I’m sure I’ll be much better at controlling it in due time.

What They Don’t Tell You When You Buy A Camera

Newbie advice: My Nikon D5300 is my very first DSLR camera. As a result, there were some additional items that I also needed to purchase (which I completely forgot about). The price of the camera is one thing, but just remember that there are quite a few items that you might need to purchase in addition to your new DSLR. Here’s a list of some items I had to purchase in addition to my camera:

Now It’s Your Turn!

What camera do you use to take photos/video? Any tech you purchased this month as a personal Christmas gift? Let us know in the comment section below!

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