My Favorite Website Designs: March 2016

Hey Pixels! So, I’m going to try something new this week by showing you my favorite website designs that I’ve seen this March, 2016. The websites that I’m about to show you are creative, innovative, and raise the bar in the web design community. Many are so innovative that I could totally see some of these designs and features becoming future web design trends. So sit back and drink a nice cup of tea (or coffee) and prepare to be inspired!

#1 Spotify’s Year In Music 2015

Spotify Year In Music 2015

Spotify designed this really neat website that showcased trends, artists and news that impacted the music industry in 2015. This colourful interactive website features some of the trends we’re loving in web design, like big images, big typography, parallax scrolling and an off-canvas menu. The design of the website also has that cool retro vibe with the use of the duotone and tritone images. Visit Website

#2 Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage

Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage

Built by design team The Line, this arcade-themed game is absolutely hilarious, but nonetheless a genius spin on the “Leo needs an Oscars” saga.  The entire website, down to the social media icons and text, is designed around the classic pixelated graphics of some of our favourite childhood arcade games. The game is really fun to play and is great exercise for your hands. Visit Website

#3 Women’s Footprint In History

Women’s footprint in history

In honour International Women’s Day, The United Nations Women partnered with design studio ElkanoData to build a website that showcased the incredible achievements women made throughout history from around the world. Designed as an interactive timeline, it features rich graphics, images, music and video. Not only is this website educational, but the experience it quite immersive with all of the cool features that was used to make this website. Just so you know, the website uses CSS transitions to create some of the really cool effects. That shows you some of the cool things you can do with CSS3 transitions. Visit Website

#4 Almost Everything We Think We Know About Addiction Is Wrong

Almost Everything We Think We Know About Addiction Is Wrong

This website continues the new wave of digital story telling. Designed by Moby Digg, this website uses a combination of ScrollMajic, jQuery, CSS3 and HTML5 to work. It’s captivating illustrations and animations really engages visitors. They can control their viewing experience by scrolling this long-form style website while learning more about such an important issue that many people face today. Visit Website

#5 Café Frida

Cafe Frida

The website for Café Frida, a French Canadian Café in Québec, is beautifully designed. The handpainted illustrations and colour pallet give it a very natural, sophisticated, elegant look and feel. Every detail was designed, down to the Google Maps in the website’s footer. This website was designed by Pier-Luc Cossette. The design of this website is inspiring to say the least, and nothings better than art and food. Visit Website

Now, it’s your turn!

Which website did you like best? Let’s chat in the comments below.

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