May 2017 Design, Code & Tech Favorites via

May 2017 Design, Code & Tech Favorites

1. LinkTree

You only get one “link in bio” on Instagram. Optimize that link with LinkTree—a free tool that nicely displays multiple links to any website you wish to send users who click on your bio link.


2.  BigPicture

BigPicture is a really awesome lightweight JavaScript video and image viewer.


3.  Syncope

Syncope is a WYSIWYG tool for Typography—a huge and often overlooked aspect of web design.


4. Blurify

Add a Gaussian blur with Blurify!


5.  Ambiance

Based on the color palettes made in ColorLovers, Ambience allows you to create beautiful color pallets by saving only the colors you choose from each color palette to make your own!


6.  Microtip

Easily add tooltip functionality with Microtip!


7. Align SVG Icons & Goodbye To Font Icons

Is this really the end? Read more here.

Align SVG Icons

8. Designing For VR: A Beginners Guide

Virtual Reality is cool af. Learn how to design for VR with this awesome beginners guide! Read it here.

Designing For VR: A Beginners Guide

9. Should Your Website Have Sidebars?

What does the research say? We need receipts! Read more of this article here.

Should Your Website Have Sidebars?

10. OUIGO: Let’s Play

The graphics, animations, and design of Ouigo are mind blowing. Check out this awesome pinball game here.

Ouigo: Let's Play

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