March 2017 Design, Code & Tech Favorites via

March 2017 Design, Code & Tech Favorites

1. Font Combinations Kit

Download 34 packs of font combination kits for both Photoshop and Sketch app users. Did I mention that it’s free? Click here to grab the kit!Font Combinations Kit

2. Frontify

Create beautiful style guides and store all your design assets with Frontify. This is a great tool if you have a large team of designers or if you’re working on a large project where access to files is needed for many project members.

3. Wire Flow

Wireflow is a smartphone app that allows you to create wireframes on the go. What a time to be alive! Click here to check it out.
Wire Flow App

4. Ratio Buddy

This cute little tool calculates the ratio of any square or rectangle you want to code. When you’ve found your perfect ratio, you can copy the SCSS and paste it into your stylesheet. Click here to try it out.
Ratio Buddy

5. Adobe Illustrator Turns 30

This month, Adobe Illustrator turned 30 years old! If I can recall correctly, the first version of Adobe Illustrator that I used was Illustrator CS3 (released in 2007). Wait—that means that I’ve been using Illustrator for 10 years?! Sorry, give me a moment to process that. In the meantime, watch the beautiful video below. It takes you through Illustrator’s humble beginnings to where it is today.

6. Playing With CSS Grids

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding CSS grids—it’s the talk of the web development community! Read this article for more information on it, and why it’s such a hot topic.Playing With CSS Grids

7. Good Vs. Bad Designers

Ever wanted to know what makes a good designer and what makes a bad designer? Are good designers only those who follow the latest web design trends? Click here to read this parody on common design trends in the web design community!Good Vs. Bad Designer

8. Simply (SVG) Icons

Get free SVG icons of popular brands, all on this neat website. Click here to check it out.Simple Icons SVG

9. Know It All

Test your web development knowledge with this site full of information on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, DOM, SVG, NodeJS—just to name a few. Click here to test your web development knowledge.
Know It All

10. A Bear’s-Eye View of Yellowstone

Explore Yellowstone through the eyes of one little bear on this long-form journalism style website. Take in the beautiful animations, transitions, and video all on this continuous-scrolling website. View it here—it’s spectacular!
A Bear's Eye View Of Yellowstone

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