Ladies Love Code: Tanea Nicole

Ladies Love Code is a new series on XO PIXEL that highlights the amazing women that LOVE code. Despite the statistics that show us the lack of women that code, I want to shine a light on the ladies that do. I hope this series inspires and motivates any lady that's learning code. You code girl!

Ladies Love Code: Tanea

Tanea Nicole

Web Designer & Blogger —
Tanea is a blogger and web designer based in the Dallas, Texas area. She’s a self-described fangirl and a geek at heart who loves all things entertainment. Movies, TV, books, home decor, and style are just a few of the things she loves and covers on her blog.

When did you start coding?

I started coding back in high school while I took a multi-media class. I loved it so much that I used what I learned to make stuff on my own!

What are some coding projects you’re currently working on?

Before my current blog, I had a previous web design blog at I’m currently working on a couple of smaller coding projects. I’m also a developer for a broadcast media company.

What is your favorite code editor?

Dreamweaver, but I often use Notepad++ when I’m on my PC because it’s so much lighter.

What is your favorite CMS?

WordPress! I’ve been using it for so many years and I love it.

What is your favorite coding language?

HTML and CSS are my favorites because I love their simplicity.

Do you have any advice for women learning code?

Don’t be intimidated by this male-dominated industry, because there are lots of other women who love coding too! Also, I definitely recommend taking up a fun side project (like a blog) where you can practice coding. You’ll have fun and learn a lot.

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Marisa Blair is a front-end web developer and graphic designer based in Toronto. When she's not writing for her blog, she's making design & tech videos for her YouTube channel.

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