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Ladies Love Code: Gillesse Ukardi

Ladies Love Code: Gillesse Ukardi

Gillesse Ukardi

Web Designer & Developer — Sixty Eight Ave
Gillesse Ukardi is a visual designer and front-end web developer based in Vancouver, Canada. She currently owns Sixty Eight Ave—her own web design studio.

When did you start coding?

I actually started coding back in 1998. I was 12 years old, working on a fan page of my favorite r&b boyband at the time. I started to code because it was fun. And since then, I have always done it for fun. It wasn’t until 2016 that I started to take it seriously and turn it into a career.

What are some coding projects you’re currently working on?

I’m currently working on developing a few WordPress themes. I’m also working on getting my own business website up and running in the coming months.

What is your favorite code editor?

I love Atom. I think it’s because I can customize it easily, but it also makes code look beautiful!

What is your favorite CMS?

I love WordPress because it can be customized to how you want it to be, and it’s easy for clients to maintain their site after you’re done developing it.

What is your favorite coding language?

CSS. I love seeing how my designs translate onto the web 🙂

Do you have any advice for women who code?

Always keep practicing and never strive to be perfect because there is no such thing as being perfect. There is so much to learn in the process. Focus on the process.

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