June 2017 Design, Code & Tech Favorites 2017

1. Pure CSS Grid Overlay

This pure CSS grid overlay is very useful for all devs!

Pure CSS Grid

2. Photon Syntax Highlighter

Photon is a highly-customizable syntax highlighter, click here to take a look.


3. Trendy CSS3 Text Shadows

If you’ve ever wanted some text shadow inspo, look no further. The website you need is right here.

Trendy CSS Text Shadows

4.  Google’s Data Gif Maker

Turn data into a Gif using Google’s new data gif maker tool! Click here to check it out.

Google Data Gif Maker

5.  The Struggles [App] Developers Face

A great article for app developers or anyone getting into it! Click here to read.

The filmmaker behind ‘App: The Human Story’ talks about the struggles developers face

6. The New Google Design

The Google Design website got a makeover, making it easier to find their articles, and other design related content. Click here to check it out. It looks great!

 A New and Improved Google Design
Image via Google Design

7. React Express

Want to learn React? React Express has an easy to follow guide that you can easily follow here.

React Express

8. Contract Killer

Get this free open-source contract specifically made for web designers and developers, here.

Contract Killer Popular open-source contract for web designers and developers.

9. Huge Milestone: Renewables Now Provide More Electricity Than Nuclear Power

This is a huge milestone in renewable tech. Head on over to EcoWatch to read the full article.
Huge Milestone: Renewables Now Provide More Electricity Than Nuclear Power

10. The Story Of Aaron Swartz

I watched a documentary on Aaron Swartz this week. He was a groundbreaking programmer and information activist. He famously started the anti-SOPA campaign back in 2012, co-founded Reddit, and famously helped to develop RSS—a technology many bloggers use to this day. I highly suggest watching this documentary.

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