July 2017 Design, Code & Tech Favorites via xopixel.com

July 2017 Design, Code & Tech Favorites

1. KiraKira3D

This month I had the honor of being featured as “Monday Motivation” on the KiraKira 3D blog! KiraKira3D is an amazing new app and online learning platform that is designed to inspire interest in 3D design and engineering amongst young Gen Z girls. The app provides a foundation in the fundamentals of building high quality, real-world 3D design objects to turn into physical products that their users can enjoy. Some examples of app designs include fidget spinners, iPhone cases, and jewelry. How cool is that? I totally suggest you check out KiraKira3D and their inspiring online learning platform!

KiraKira3D Marisa Blair

2. mini.css

mini.css is described as a minimal responsive CSS framework.


3. Facebook Design

The Facebook design team offers some very useful free tools and resources for designers to use on their design projects.

Facebook Design

4. Free Font Download – Neon

Download this Neon font for free on Behance!

Free Neon Font

5. Free Sketch download – 1000 Buttons

Download this 1000 button kit for Sketch. Did I mention that it’s free?!

100 Buttons Sketch

6. Designing With Adobe XD Download

If you watched my series “Designing With Adobe XD“, you’ll be pleased to know that the final file for the destination website is available for you to download, for free, via my Bechance profile. Enjoy!

Designing With Adobe XD Download

7. What do Variable Fonts mean for Web Developers?

In this article, Ricardo explores variable fonts and what they bring to the table for devs.

What do variable fonts mean for web developers?

8. SmartPhoto.js

A responsive image viewer!


9. Sakura CSS

The Sakura CSS framework will transform your website by implementing its unique CSS styles to your HTML elements.

sakura - Github Repository

10. The state of enterprise UX design in 2017

Read about the impact of the professional UX design industry here.The state of enterprise UX design in 2017

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