January 2017 Design, Code & Tech Favorites

Hey, Pixels! Today’s article is a round-up of all of my design, coding, and tech favorites that I’ve used this January 2017. This month, I’ve come across some amazing online tools and resources that have improved my online experience. The websites below are amazing. I’m so glad that I can share them with you. Enjoy!

1. Instant Logo Search

Gone are the days where you have to search high and low for a specific logo for your design project. With one quick search, you’ll be able to find the logo you want in both SVG and PNG format. Instant logo search is such an efficient tool to use. I’m sure web designers everywhere are thinking “Why didn’t I think of that!”.

2. Trendy Google Fonts Combinations 2017

This website made some pretty awesome Google Font combinations for web designers to use. Check them out here.

3. Tiny Faces

Tiny Faces is a great website that provides free stock avatars that you can use on your web development projects. The best part? You can submit your own photo to be used in someone else’s website project. See those avatars on those demo website templates? It could be yours!Tiny Faces

4. A Guide To Succesful Design Handoffs

This guide helped me improve my design handoff process. That’s the process where you’re handing over your design to the web developer or client. Read more of this informative article here.A Guide to Successful Design Handoffs

5. Mozilla Open Design (Logo Redesign)

On January 18, Mozilla released their newly redesigned brand identity. By incorporating their open source principles, they designed a new logo by involving the online community—something not too many companies do, if at all. Mozilla believes wholeheartedly in making the internet a global public resource that puts people first. It makes sense that they would involve the people to help them with their new logo. The whole design process is very interesting. I recommend you take a read of the entire process here.mozilla open design

6. Rainy Mood

I’m a pluviophile, so you could only imagine how much I love this website. The sound of rain is very calming for me and it also helps me focus. All I do is open a new tab in my browser and run the website in the background. The sound of rain is one of the most beautiful sounds on earth! Listen to it here.

7. Google’s Mobile Website Speed Testing

If you’ve ever wanted to know how fast your website or blog is on mobile devices, use this website. In good ol’ Google fashion, this amazing tool is also free. You go Google!
Google Mobile Website Speed Testing

8. Githunt

Set your new browser tab’s default web page to Githunt to see trending Github projects. Speaking of Github, XO PIXEL is now on Github, yay!

9. Colorable

Create your very own high contrast color pallet with Colorable. This saves all the time it would normally take to find the perfect website color pallet.

10. The Man Behind Comic Sans

Ask any graphic or web designer what their worst nightmare is. I guarantee you 90% will say a design using nothing but Comic Sans. This is arguably the least favorite font to have ever been created. However, the story of its inception is actually very interesting. Watch this quick 3-minute video on how Comic Sans was made.

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What are some of your favorite online tools and resources that you’ve used in January 2017? Let’s chat in the comments below!

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