Introducing The XO PIXEL Podcast

I was trying to think of some cool, catchy name for this podcast, but I couldn’t. So that's how I ended up with "The XO PIXEL Podcast". Cool?

Hello! I would like to formally introduce you to The XO PIXEL Podcast by XO PIXEL and hosted by me, Marisa Blair.

The XO PIXEL Podcast is based on the design, code, and tech blog, XO PIXEL is the place to grow your love for design, code, and technology. In this podcast, I’ll be providing various tips, tricks, and advice on front-end web development and design. I’ll also discuss the latest in technology, business, and lifestyle.

The audio for each podcast will be posted on the blog, so I encourage you to join the conversation by leaving a comment. You can find the podcast in iTunes by doing a quick search for “XO PIXEL Podcast”. Make sure you subscribe so that you don’t miss an episode.

See you in the next episode!

Marisa Blair is a front-end web developer and graphic designer based in Toronto. When she's not writing for her blog, she's making design & tech videos for her YouTube channel.

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