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How To Create A Seamless Holiday Pattern In Illustrator

The holidays are here! What better way to celebrate than to create a seamless holiday pattern in Adobe Illustrator. By following this super easy, 4-step tutorial, you’ll create a beautiful holiday wallpaper for your desktop and/or mobile device.

What You’ll Need

Step 1 – Create A New Document

The first thing we’re going to do is open a new document by going to File > New Document. Create a document that 2560px by 1440px (it’s the size of an iMac 27″ so feel free to change the size to suit your computer screen). Make sure the document’s Profile is set to “web” and the Color mode is in RGB.  Name the document “Holiday Wallpaper”.


Step 2 – Arrange the Vectors

Next, we’re going to place the Mistletoe and Hollybush vectors onto the document by going to File > Place Embedded and selecting the .eps file. We’re going to arrange them horizontally. I suggest arranging the vectors off the artboard (the grey area) so that we have space to apply the whole pattern when everything is complete. Make sure you leave space between each element so that when we make the pattern, there won’t be any overlapping.


Step 3 – Make The Pattern

It’s time for the fun part! We’re now going to make the pattern by repeating the arrangement we made in step 2. First, select all the vector objects, then go to object > pattern > make. In the Pattern Options dialogue box, give the pattern a name, change the Tile Type to “Brick by Row”, and change the Brick Offset to “1/4.” Once you’re satisfied with how the pattern looks, click “Done” (top banner just below the document tabs).


Step 4 – Apply Pattern & Save

We’re almost done our seamless holiday pattern. All we need to do is apply the pattern to the artboard so we can save it. First, select your pattern swatch (located in the Swatches panel). Then, select the Rectangle tool and draw out the shape of the entire artboard to apply your pattern. Look how great it looks! Now, just save your new desktop wallpaper by going to File > Export > Save for web. Save the document as a JPEG to your desktop wallpaper folder and see how beautiful and festive your desktop looks. Happy Holidays!


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  1. Thank you for this tutorial! I’ve just recently started playing around with Illustrator to edit my blog photos and it’s so helpful!

    -Leslie |

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