How To Create A Gold Text Effect In Photoshop via

How To Create A Gold Text Effect In Photoshop

Hey, Pixels! This week’s tutorial is going to be golden. I’ll be showing you how to create a gold text effect in Photoshop. Be sure to watch my quick and easy video tutorial. My method to creating gold text is versatile since it can be used on text, shapes, you name it! The gold text effect has been very popular on some of my favorite websites. If you would like to create your own gold text effect in photoshop, watch the video below.

What You’ll Need

How To Create A Gold Text Effect In Photoshop via

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  1. What are the locations of your color tabs (for the gardiant overlay) and what are the color codes for each one?

    1. Hi Laurina!
      All of the colours that made up the golden text are found in the photo provided. To get the specific gold colours, you can use the eye dropper tool in photoshop and select the lightest parts of the golden M in the photo, the darkest parts and the ones in between. Once you make the gradient in photoshop, you can save it and use it as many times as you want. But I’ve now also included the gradient as part of the tutorial assets so you can see what I’m talking about.

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