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How Facebook is Stealing Video Views

We all see them on our timelines. Those viral videos on Facebook shared by our friends to make us laugh, cry or throw something at our screens. But, who originally created the video? If the video is really good, I’m eager to find out who originally posted it. Instead, I’m taken to some celebrity’s Facebook page who clearly did not create that video. This is actually a huge problem that really hasn’t been addressed until recently. A recent video made by the YouTube channel In a Nutshell thoroughly investigates how Facebook is stealing video views.

Why is Facebook Wrong?

Well, based on the list below, you can see how discouraging their methods are for content creators. As stated in the video, here are some reasons why:

  • Facebook gets 8 billion video views per day. Of the 8 billion views, billions are due to stolen videos being uploaded to the site
  • Facebook’s algorithm is made to prefer videos uploaded to Facebook (encourages users to stay on the site longer thus, seeing more Facebook ads)
  • A view is counted after 3 seconds, even if the video is muted (includes the ‘auto-play’ when you’re scrolling )
  • As a creator, the process of claiming your copyright is dreadful
  • Unlike YouTube, Facebook doesn’t share profits made from uploaded videos with creators despite being worth over $200 billion dollars

How Can I Help?

Glad you asked! It’s super easy. According to the video you can:

  • Make a comment that links to the original content
  • Alert the original creator (only they can file a copyright report)
  • Share the original YouTube video (not the stolen one)

Check out the full video down below to get the low down on how Facebook has been acting up. Let’s all try to be more conscious of how we share content on Facebook. By doing so, we’ll encourage our favourite content creators to make more awesome content.

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Now It’s Your Turn!

Do you think Facebook approach to video views is wrong? Have you ever had your online content stolen? Let’s talk in the comments below!

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