GlassesShop Prescription Eyeglasses Review via

GlassesShop Prescription Eyeglasses Review

Hey, Pixels! So, I was contacted by to review a pair of prescription eyeglasses. This couldn’t have come at a better time because I recently went for my annual eye exam and updated my prescription. I’m not going to lie, my vision is pretty good. I don’t need to wear glasses to be able to see. But, I’m pretty sure my vision is getting worse and being on the computer all day doesn’t help. To prevent any eye strain and to see things crystal clear, I like keeping a pair of prescription eyeglasses nearby.

What’s In The Box

The glasses that I picked out from their website were the “Virgo Wayfarer” glasses in the color tortoise. When they sent the glasses to me, it came in a clear glasses case with a microfibre cleaning cloth.
GlassesShop Prescription Eyeglasses Review via

Design & Quality

The packaging of the eyeglasses is very simple and minimal. The Virgo Wayfarer has decorative ornaments placed near the temple of the frame. This style also has spring hinges which helps when putting the glasses on and taking them off.  The quality of the frame is great and I love how lightweight the glasses are. However, I did find a missing screw on the top-right lens frame area (not sure if the screw is decorative or actually needed for support). The actual lens is large and crystal clear. It’s also worth mentioning that GlassesShop got my prescription spot on (which is awesome).
GlassesShop Prescription Eyeglasses Review via xopixel.comGlassesShop Prescription Eyeglasses Review via

Final Thoughts

Overall, I really like these prescription eyeglasses. I love the style and the way it frames my face–it sits on my nose perfectly and I don’t experience any slipping when I move around. I’m definitely going to be wearing these more often! If you’re looking for cheap glasses, GlassesShop has a variety of affordable ones for you to buy. They also sell prescription sunglasses if that’s something you’re in the market for.
GlassesShop Prescription Eyeglasses Review via

Coupon Code – 50% off

GlassesShop also kindly offered this really great discount for all XO PIXEL readers! Feel free to use this coupon code GSHOT50 and get 50% off eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses (sale frames excluded).


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