Book Review: Curly Bracket - The Hidden Code + GIVEAWAY via

Book Review: Curly Bracket – The Hidden Code + GIVEAWAY [CLOSED]

I was so excited when I was approached by the producers/writers of the graphic novel “Curly Bracket — The Hidden Code” to write this book review. Enjoy!

Hey, Pixels! It’s no secret that I read novels—especially ones that are educational and help me learn a thing or two about something that I’m passionate about, like coding. That’s why I was very excited to review a graphic novel by author Johan Wendt called “Curly Bracket — The Hidden Code”.  

About The Book

Curly Bracket – The Hidden Code centers around a female protagonist named “Curly”, born into a dystopian world, who’s highly-skilled at programming. Her programming proficiency and heroic nature lead her on into various interactive adventures that allow the reader into her programming mind, which in turn, helps the reader to think like a programmer. Curly allows the reader to accompany her through her problem-solving journey as she uses computational thinking to find solutions that will move her on to the next adventure. The teaching and learning component of this book is found at the back of the book, where a library of all the problems and solutions throughout the novel, are explained in greater detail. The book also features beautiful illustrations which certainly enhanced my reading experience.
Book Review: Curly Bracket - The Hidden Code + GIVEAWAY via

How It All Started

Curly Bracket was written by Johan Wendt and Tor Moström in Sweden. Johan is an engineer who became an educator because of his love for mathematics.  Tor is said to be one of Sweden’s top coders, having won several prestigious awards for his work.  These guys know what they’re talking about and I sure hope that they keep writing because they make learning fun.  

My Thoughts

I really enjoyed this graphic novel. It’s a light easy read, with a few challenges which caused me to use the back of the book for help!  This book is great for kids since it has engaging illustrations, action and an educational element which is understated so as not to turn off a young reader. Overall, I think this book would make the perfect gift for anyone, especially kids, who would like to learn programming. After all, it’s where the future is headed, why not start early!
Book Review: Curly Bracket - The Hidden Code + GIVEAWAY via

Where To Buy

The book is sold online on Amazon here and on their online store here.

Win A FREE Copy!

If you want a free copy of this book, or have a special someone in mind whom you feel would love to read it, enter the giveaway below! The giveaway will last for 30 days, and you will have many ways to enter to increase the number of entries you have, thus increasing your chances to win. Good luck!
Curly Bracket: The Hidden Code Book Giveaway

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