6 External Hard Drives For Easy Digital Organization

I know you don’t have time to go through hundreds of portable HD’s to see which ones are good. That’s why I read all the geeky tech reviews to find six awesome portable hard drives for easy digital organization.

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Google Analytics 101

This article is for anyone that’s heard of Google Analytics but doesn’t really know what the heck it is!

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6 Ergonomic Mice That Will Save Your Wrists

Looks aren’t everything people! Yes, ergonomic mice aren’t always the best looking. But, I rather have an ugly mouse than a busted wrist that prevents me from doing my work. If you agree with me, I’ve selected six awesome ergonomic mice that will save your wrists in the long run.

7 Easy Ways To Protect Your Website From Hackers

Getting hacked is the worst thing that can happen to anyone, let alone for any website owner. Having no form of website security can result in: Misusing sensitive user data, Destroying valuable information, Injecting content with malicious links, Using hosting server for botnet DDoS attacks, the list goes on.

Google’s Quick Draw & The Design Industry

This week I decided to try Google’s A.I. game “Quick, Draw!” and I made a video to share my experience with you. In this article, I discuss my experience with both Google’s Quick, Draw! and AutoDraw, and the potential impact this technology will have on the design industry.

Nexus 6P Unboxing & Review (Late 2016)

Hey, Pixels! You might have heard the unfortunate news that my LG G3 stopped working. This happened while I was on vacation in New York. The timing could not have been worse. I was close to not even bringing my camera and using just my phone. Thankfully, I brought my camera.