Active Collab: Project Management Swiss Army Knife via

Active Collab: Project Management Swiss Army Knife

I’m really happy to work with our sponsor, Active Collab, to share this great collaboration tool with you!

Active Collab: Project Management Swiss Army Knife
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When managing projects, there is always something a miss: a team is missing milestones and deadlines; there is constant miscommunication not only between teammates but between the company and client as well; tracking billable hours is becoming a pain, and overdue invoices are beginning to pile up. Whether you are handling web development, web or graphic design or digital agencies team projects, it is important to stay on top of your work at all times, which is why selecting optimal project management software is paramount. Presenting: Active Collab!

Features, Features, Features…

Having a toolbox that misses a Phillips screwdriver means that you simply won’t be able to complete some of the repairs around the house. When it comes to project management, the situation is similar: you need a software solution with a set of features that will allow you to get the job done. Use Active Collab to delegate and collaborate on tasks, estimate and track working hours, calculate the cost and send an invoice to the client at the end of the process.

Task Management

It is all about staying organized. With Active Collab task management is simple: you can create new tasks, quickly and easily. Assign them to your team members, add labels and due dates, and use those parameters as filters for an easy and quick search. Every team member has a personal “My Work” task dashboard to keep up with changes and project updates, which enables them to stay on top of complex projects and tasks at hand. Finally, files – such as “design suggestions” for example – can be attached to each task, so everyone can comment and give their feedback on the work in progress.

Flexible Task View

There is no accounting for taste: in love, food or personal work organization. Different people use different methods to stay on top of things: some prefer lists, others fun, and simple Kanban cards, while there are those who rely heavily on Gantt Charts. No matter the preference, Active Collab offers three different task views, so each member of the team can stay focused on their work and keep eyes on the prize.

Active Collab: Project Management Swiss Army Knife
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Team Collaboration

Forget email, forget unnecessary meetings – Active Collab has everything you need to help your team stay on the same page. Email alternative is a message system in which each message is treated as a task with the due date. By utilizing it, you can start a discussion and use @mentions to get instant reply from team members. Daily meetings, on the other hand, are replaced with real-time progress tracking and integrated calendar – thanks to which you will never miss a deadline. Last but not least, team collaboration is rounded up with a writing feature that allows you to make notes others can edit and comment on.

Active Collab: Project Management Swiss Army Knife
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Client Collaboration

Just like other members of your team, you can include your clients in the process as well. Keep them in the loop by granting them access to certain parts of the process, while at the same time denying them the vision of other tasks that you believe shouldn’t concern them. This client collaboration feature will save you a lot of time on writing progress reports, and allow you to focus on matters at hand.

Time Tracking

Know exactly how much time your team has spent on certain tasks, and how much money you’ve earned. Even though each task can have a different hourly rate, there is no need for calculators, stopwatches or spreadsheets to calculate your billing. When the work begins, every team member starts the Active Collab Timer app which records working hours automatically. By pausing it during the breaks, and stopping it at the end of the day, you get a complete and accurate insight into time spent on tasks as well as billing hours. Finally, you can get instant, easy-to-understand reports on your time, revenue, expenses, and invoices immediately.


After calculating billable hours, send your client an invoice – directly from Active Collab. You can set them up with PayPal or credit card gateways, which will enable you to receive your well-earned cash instantly. And if for some reason, client misses a payment, Active Collab will automatically remind them that their invoice is overdue, simultaneously sparing you from handling that unpleasant task.

Active Collab: Project Management Swiss Army Knife
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Final Words

Used by leaders such as NASA, Apple, Adobe, and Intel, as well as University of Harvard, Active Collab has proven to be a reliable project management tool that stands toe-to-toe with other competitors such as Basecamp, Asana, Teamwork and Trello. Simply put, Active Collab is the Swiss army knife of project management: task overview, team, and client collaboration, as well as billing, are packed in one powerful, yet simple, well-rounded package.

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