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8 Surprising Domain Extensions You Can Actually Buy

If you spend enough time on the web you will run into some strange website names. On some more rare occasions, you will see a strange domain extension that makes you raise your eyebrows. A domain extension, for the uninitiated, is the last part of a website address. The “.com” domain extension is the most common one that you will see every single day. Depending on where you live you may see some regional domain extensions like “.co.uk” or “.ca” or “.ru.”

Website owners often stick with the popular, tried, tested, and true domain extensions. However, there are hundreds of domain extensions to choose from that range from the weird to the funny, to the downright ridiculous. Here are some of those lesser known domain extensions available right now from Namecheap:


Worried your website might not immediately jump out as being cool? There’s an easy fix for that! Simply choose the “.cool” domain extension to make things abundantly clear; this is a cool website for cool people. In all seriousness, this would be a great extension for a fun blog that focuses on trends like fashion or interior design.


If you’re thinking of starting up an… Ahem… “Adult” website; this might be a great domain extension to help you stand out. It pretty clearly tells visitors what can be found within with no guesswork or gray area left to sort through.


Who doesn’t love a good rant? If your friends know you for your epic Facebook rants and stories then perhaps the “.gripe” domain extension is the best choice for your blog. Finally, there’s a domain extension fit for your personality.


Some websites make you say, “wtf” so why not make the “wtf” stand out with this unique domain extension. There are plenty of ways to use this. Want to aggregate the craziest videos on the web that make people say, “wtf?” This domain extension is for you.


We’ve all had a bad experience with a company. Unexplained charges on cell phone bills, overbooked airplanes, sleazy salespeople… You name it. Want to share your story with a funny domain name to top it off? How about “[companyname].sucks?” Just be careful not to say anything that will get you into trouble.


Here’s the perfect domain extension for freelance investigative journalists, family tree enthusiasts, or just really good Facebook creepers. If you’re all about finding out the who’s who, ranking your favorite celebrities, or just keeping tabs on folks then the “.whoswho” domain extension is a good way to start telling your story.


Fancy cars, custom-made yachts, big houses, and expensive clothes are all fun ways to flaunt your wealth but that can get to be old if you have been rich for a while. Why not create your own “.rich” website to show off the success you have been enjoying? This is also a great option for guys named Richard who may or may not have a lot of money.


Fancy yourself a bit of a meme machine? Do you share all of the viral memes before anyone else has had a chance to catch the trend? The “.meme” domain extension is a great way to set up visitors for what kind of content you have in store. On the off chance you are a meme yourself then this could also be a great domain extension for your personal website (looking at you, Bad Luck Brian).

There you have it! Some of the top eyebrow-raising domain extensions you can use to truly personalize your website. This list is just a taste of the huge selection of domain extensions available. If you want to secure one of these unique domain name extensions then check out Namecheap. They have a wide range of options and some of the best prices around. The only limit when choosing the perfect domain extension is your imagination.

Now It’s Your Turn!

Would you buy any of the TLD’s mentioned above? What’s the weirdest domain extension you’ve ever seen? Leave a comment below!

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