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7 Wellness Tips For When You’re Sitting At A Desk All Day

For many of us, our design and development jobs require many hours in front of the computer. Long-term effects of sitting for long periods of time has even been compared to smoking. But, there are ways that you can overcome any negative effects that come with sitting at a desk all day:

1. Buy An Ergonomic Chair

The one thing, if nothing else, that should be ergonomic and comfortable for you, should be your chair. After all, you’re going to be sitting on it for many hours each day. I must admit that the chair that I’m currently sitting on is not an ergonomic chair. I’m hoping that one day, I can get a nice Herman Miller Chair. In the meantime, I’ve found a really nice dupe at Staples called the Hyken Mesh Chair and it’s highly reviewed. Maybe you want to just forget about the typical office chair and try out a balance ball chair. Whatever chair you choose, make sure it’s ergonomic.

2. Drink Lots Of Water

There are a million reasons why drinking water is good for you. Here’s one more—drinking a lot of water when you’re sitting at your desk forces you to get up and walk to the bathroom quite often! So, if you’re the type to get really caught up in working, and you tend to forget to take little breaks, a bathroom break is something that you can’t ignore.

3. Leave Your Desk For Lunch

When the clock strikes noon, use that as a signal to get up and avoid your desk like the plague. That way, you’ll be able to give your eyes a rest from your computer screen and take a much-needed work break. If you work from home, you can also take this as an opportunity to catch up on some Netflix shows in your living room.

4. Stretch

Incorporating a full-on workout every day is ideal. But, let’s be real—most people don’t have time for that. Stretching, though? That’s easy! There are so many stretches that you can do at your desk that’s beneficial for your body. I found a great article on six stretches for people that sit at desks.

5. Organize Your Workspace

Tidying up your workspace will help you to be more productive and efficient while working at your desk. If work is giving you stress, imagine the additional stress you’ll have from not being able to find important work related items due to your messy workspace. Organizing your workspace is just one more thing you can do to make your life easier. If you want to take your organization to the next level, this complete digital clean-up checklist is worth the read.

6. Take Hourly Breaks

Taking a 10-minute break every hour is just a nice way to give your eyes a bit of a break from your computer screen. Take these hourly breaks to also incorporate the desk stretches mentioned above. This might also be a good time to go to take a washroom break or fill your water bottle.

7. Buy An Ergonomic Keyboard/Mouse

If nothing else, your keyboard and mouse should be ergonomic to prevent any hand injuries over time. There are tons of ergonomic keyboards and mice on the market. Just like your chair, a bad keyboard and mouse can cause severe injury to your hand over time. Be sure to invest in a high-quality ergonomic mouse since you’ll be using it four hours each and every day.

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