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7 Best Free Web Icon Sets for Web Designers

Building a website can be overwhelming. We’re not necessarily talking about the actual programming but the abundant array of free resources available across the Internet. With so many choices of templates, widgets and fonts, you could easily fall down a “rabbit hole” of resource gathering.

That’s why I’ve made it simple for you by gathering up seven of the most popular and easy-to-use web icon sets. Chances are you’ll find what you’re looking for with these sets. Of course, you could spend the rest of your day trying out other sets, which would mean less building and more surfing. The choice is up to you!

1. Icon Finder

The 50 free icons you’ll find through Icon Finder were created by the talented and always in-demand Asher Abbasi. These beautifully detailed icons utilize a vibrant color palette. The icons can be used for any commercial endeavor. The only stipulation is you can’t redistribute the set without written consent. Fair enough.

2. Socialico

If you have a web business, then you also have a social media presence. That means you’ll need a social media icons pack. Fontfabric has a terrific set consisting of 74 social media icons. Who knew there were so many social media outlets? Best of all, each icon matches a key on your keyboard. Easy to use and perfect for a variety of pages.

3. Payment Icon Set

An e-commerce site needs classy payment icons. You can show your customers in a flash the type of payments you accept by posting these colorful payment icons. This particular set consists of 18 of the most popular payment icons made available in PNG format. Although they are payment icons, you won’t have to pay to use them for your web enterprise.

4. Metro UI Icon Set

Any of the millions of Windows 8 users will feel right at home with this pack. There are over 700 sharply designed icons just waiting to be plucked up and put into your project. Whether you’re building a personal page or creating content for a client, you’ll find a lot of icons to pick from here.

5. Default Icon

When it doubt, go the default. That rule applies to icons as well. Default Icon is a kind of clearing house of practical, no-frills icons. They are perfect for device apps with their 1-bit resolution. They’re also totally customizable. How can you go wrong with a default?

6. Glyphish

Toolbars, tab bars, iPhone and iPad apps all need crisp, clean icons. You’ll find a decent free set at Glyphish. These icons can also be adapted for “off net” design projects like T-shirts, logos and other promotional materials.

7. Sweetie-Basepack

With close to 50,000 downloads in the last five years, the Sweeties must be doing something right. On your Internet travels, you’ve probably seen some of the Sweetie-Basepack icons in use. They’re all over the web, and that means they’ll be familiar to your customers.

If you still feel like you’re coming up short in the icon department, you can head over to Glyphsearch to find even more options. Happy icon hunting!

Cover image icons by Alexander Kutozov

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