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5 Ways To Store Your Design Files

Hey pixels! This week, I’ll be showing you five ways you can store your design files. If you’re a web designer, graphic designer, or developer, you know exactly how large some of our Photoshop files, and local website files can be. I mean, one photoshop file is fine, but after making different versions of a design, you’ll end up with dozens of PSD’s which can take up a ton of space on your hard drive overtime.

However, the days of being restricted to the limited space on our hard drives are over thanks to external usb and more recently, the cloud. Space saving solutions like external hard drives and online cloud storage gives us more space than we could have ever imagined. There’s also some awesome free storage solutions. Watch the video below or read this article to learn about five ways to store your design files.

1. External Hard Drive

Having an external hard drive is a must for designers. The external hard drive that I use is the WD 1TB Black My Passport Ultra Portable External Hard Drive. I can tell you from my own personal experience that it has been so helpful in my life. I wear many hats these days, and I deal with tons and tons of large files; from Photoshop files, PDF’s, JPG’s, to very large video files (just to name a few). I also find that I can’t delete many of those files just in case I need to take a look at them in the future. For these reasons, having an external hard drive has been so helpful to have. It saves a ton of space on my computer which allows me to work faster and reduces the likely hood of lagging and program crashes. Having an external hard drive has also allowed me to work anywhere at anytime both online and offline. The external hard drive that I use is the 1TB WD My Passport USB.

2. Google Drive (FREE)

Google drive is a great service offered by Google as a way to store your design files on the cloud online. Drive offers users 15GB of storage for free. I’ve been using Drive for a few years and it’s not even halfway full! With Google Drive you can also sync it to your desktop. Although, the downside to syncing it with your desktop is that it takes up space on your desktop which defeats the purpose of saving space on your desktop. However, the great thing about Google Drive and cloud storage in general, is that if for whatever reason you can’t get your files from your computer, you can always sleep at night knowing that all of your important files are safe and sound in your Google Drive. Using Google Drive is also great if you use their other services, such as Google Docs and Photos, since they can all be organized in the same place.

3. Dropbox (FREE)

Dropbox is also another great drive service. I first used it during my first year in university and I used it to store all my files (prior to Google Drive and my external hd). Dropbox is similar to Google Drive in that all files are stores via the cloud and it can also sync to your desktop. The disadvantage to using Dropbox is that it does’t offer as much space for free (only 2 GB of free space). If you want more space, you have to upgrade to Dropbox Pro which is $12.99/month or $129/year (in CA dollars).

4. Facebook Messenger (FREE)

Believe it or not, I often use Facebook messenger as a way to store some of my files, especially photos. Using Facebook as a way to store your files is not very organized, but it’s surprisingly effective. So much so, that I use it was a way to store some images for my blog, personal pics and even some documents here and there. If you can’t find a file you stored in the chat, you can use the search feature by typing the name of the file to find it. I even use it a way to store photos from my phone. So, when you want to save space on your phone or computer by deleting your selfies but don’t necessarily want to permanently delete them, simply create a Facebook messenger convo with yourself and send the pictures to the message.

5. Adobe Creative Cloud

When I purchased Adobe Creative Cloud for the first time last year, I didn’t really use Adobe’s creative cloud that much. Now? I’m using it daily! Adobe Creative Cloud offers 20GB of storage space for their members which is more than I can handle. Especially since I now use Google Drive and my external HD. Lately, I’m storing all of my raw design files in the Creative Cloud these days. It also comes in handy since it all connects with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, etc. Now, I know not everyone has the Adobe CC suite, and with all the amazing (free) ways to store your design files listed above, you’re not missing much. But, since I do have the Creative Cloud, I now have a system where I store my raw design files in the Creative Cloud and then store all of my university/work/blog related stuff on my other cloud drives. By doing this, I’ve been able to get the most out of my Adobe CC subscription.

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