5 Trendy Color Palette Generators

Hey, Pixels! In this article, I’m sharing five trendy color palette generators. Not too long ago, I shared with you how I choose colors for my designs, however, there are even more amazing tools out there that you should be using. Take a look at the list below:

1. Cloudflare Color

Choosing an accessible color palette doesn’t have to be a long grueling process.  Thanks to Cloudflare’s color palette generator, designers can instantly choose from over 950 accessible color combinations. Personally, I wish I found this tool sooner for my own design projects!

Cloudflare Color home page
Cloudflare Accessible Color Tool

2. Coolors

Instantly create and share color pallets with Coolors! Sync pallets with your favorite Adobe CC apps or, download the Coolors app to create and share beautiful color palettes on the go.

Coolors Home page
Coolors Home page

3. Color Hunt

Color Hunt is the perfect place to find color pallets loved by fellow designers from around the world.  Designers can filter through pallets that are new, popular, trending, or randomly.

Color Hunt home page
Color Hunt home page

4. Cohesive Colors

It’s one thing to create a color palette, it’s another thing to create a cohesive set of colors. Let Cohesive Colors do the work!

Cohesive Colors home page
Cohesive Colors home page

5. HTML Color Codes

HTML Color Codes have another great tool for designers to create color palettes for their designs.

HTML Color Picker
HTML Color Picker


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