4 Apps That Will Increase Your Productivity

When you’re busy with work or school, you might find yourself struggling to stay organized. In our app-driven tech world, it takes a long time to find out which productivity app truly works for our lives and ever-changing schedules. Don’t worry, I’ve got some apps to help you out! Over the years, I’ve been through a ton of productivity apps and I’ve finally found the go-to apps that I use on a daily basis to help keep my work and life more organized and productive. All apps are available both on Apple and Android devices.

iStudiez Pro


This app is perfect if you’re in college but I’m sure you can hack it to make it work to schedule your meetings and projects at work (you’re able to sync the app with Apple’s iCal). I’ve been using this app since my last year of high school and now that I’m a junior in university, it’s still saving my butt from missing due dates and important exams. This app also reminds you when your next lecture is (down to the minute). Overall, this app is amazing and I highly recommend it (especially if you’re not a fan of writing in agendas).

Google Docs


At this point, Google Docs is the only app I use to write my lecture notes, essays, etc. This app is perfect because it auto-saves as you type so you don’t have to worry about losing everything you wrote if the power goes out.  It’s also very simple to use and the interface is very easy to navigate. You’re also able to edit/write offline so you can even work on the subway!

Paper 53

Paper 53

Paper 53 is the best drawing app ever! I use this app to sketch ideas, make diagrams and even draw random things when I’m bored. I’m certainly not the best at drawing but since this app automatically smooths out my would-be crooked lines and makes everything I draw look smooth and straight, I will most certainly use it. This app is also great to get your creative juices flowing which is essential to increasing your productivity.



The dropbox app is great because you’re able to organize and share anything you store in your dropbox from your tablet or smartphone. You’re also able to read any PDF document without having to download it onto your device. Personally, I like to also use the dropbox app to open up files that I’ve downloaded from my iPad so that I can view them later on any computer.

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