3 Easy Ways To Use The Repeat Grid In Adobe XD

The repeat grid is one of the best tools Adobe XD has to offer. In this article, I'll be sharing three easy ways that you can use the repeat grid for your future web design projects.

1. Image Grids

As seen near the footer of many blogs and websites, image grids have become a must-have on the websites of many influencers, bloggers, and businesses. The repeat grid is the perfect tool for designing Instagram or Dribble image grids.

2. Navigation Menus

The repeat grid is the perfect tool to use when designing any kind of menu in Adobe XD.  Most menus are pretty simple; a vertical or horizontal display of links with some padding for readability. In Adobe XD, you’re able to use the repeat grid to create the general layout of the menu. Once that’s created, you can edit the text for each link individually.

3. Text Columns

The repeat grid is also great for designing text columns (see gif below). In the past, this kind of layout would require a lot of copy & pasting. Now, the repeat grid creates the layout with ease.


Marisa Blair is a front-end web developer and graphic designer based in Toronto. When she's not writing for her blog xopixel.com, she's making design & tech videos for her YouTube channel.

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