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11 Sites To Promote Your Creative Skills

How will your creative skills stand out?

We live in a time when having an education or degree in hand is not enough. For those of us who are in creative fields, it’s even more challenging since actual experience before we get our foot in the door is a must.  Let’s be honest, many of our skills can be taught without ever pursuing post-secondary education which is why it takes that extra effort for us to show our skill. Competition is high, more than ever. What is your plan to stand out?

But don’t feel bad. I wouldn’t leave you feeling all hopeless! I’ve got some great news for you. There are so many ways for us creatives to show the world what we can do. For example, Etsy is a great place to sell your artwork, clothing, products—basically anything that you’ve (hand)made and want to sell. I’ve compiled a list of all the sites that I know are perfect for you to promote, market and sell your creative talent!

The following professions discussed in this article are:

  • Entertainer/Cosmetician/Photographer
  • Copywriter/Journalist
  • Musician/Producer
  • Designer/Artist

If you’re not in a creative field, use this list too!  We all have something we love to do outside of our 9 to 5. Maybe this will help you start that clothing business you’ve always wanted!


If you’re an entertainer, make-up artist or photographer, Tumblr and Youtube are your go-to sites. Tumblr is great because it’s such a photocentric site. It’s whole premise of sharing and re-blogging various photos is a great way to get even more exposure (pun intended). You don’t need to have thousands of followers to get a lot of reblog. All you need is to post quality (preferably) high-res photos of your work and it should get noticed. When you post your photos on Tumblr and tag it with relevant #hashtags, you should have no problem finding people who will reblog your work. Post photos of your work process for a more personal touch. You’ll get more like/reblog with such photos thus helping you grow your audience.

Getting noticed on Youtube is not as easy as it once was. Today, some of my favourite Yotubers who only had maybe 10,000 (which was a lot back in the day) now have over 4 million subscribers! Youtube has grown so much. However, that is no reason to hold you back. If you make interesting, quality videos, you should have no problem getting subscribers. Don’t assume you’ll be an overnight sensation though. Just be the best you can be and be consistent. Consistency is key.

Hair Stylist

Naturally Curly is a great site for a hairstylist. It can help you get in touch with potential clients. Their active forum is where you’d want to hang around so that you can interact with potential clients. This site is also great if you are especially talented with styling curly/textured hair (hence the name).


Ah, the writer! You’re a natural wordsmith (is that a cringe worthy word to use these days?) and there is no way you should be hiding your talent! If there is one thing the world can’t do without, it’s writers. I’m certainly no professional when it comes to writing, but having the ability to write is truly a gift that should be shared. Put yourself out there by starting a blog using the sites below. The following apps are great apps/tools for writers since many of them are minimalistic and only focus on the actual writing without distracting pictures or graphics.


If you’ve always aspired to become a DJ, producer, or rapper (who doesn’t?) the following sites should be on your radar. The amount of artists I found on Soundcloud to add to my iPod and for my youtube videos— let’s just say I don’t need search for music using youtube as much as I used to now that Soundcloud exists.


My favourite people (sorry, I’m a little bias). Designers/Artists, I get you. Need I say more? Ha! Just kidding. But seriously, these sites are amazing. Make some t-shirts out of that design everyone’s been complementing you on. Sell your artwork on Etsy. Go get em tiger(ess). Check out the following sites below and show off your skills to the world!

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