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Start the blog you’ve always wanted

Having a blog is a great way to express your creativity and boost your online presence. It gives you the ability to build your brand, promote your work or simply write for fun. Write about whatever you want because after all, it is the internet. There are so many resources for everyone and their grandma to start a blog. The following post is your personal guide to starting your own blog in 2014. As of todays date, I’ve had this blog for a little over a month…not a long time by any means. But I’ve had so many odd blogs over the years which allowed me to understand the ins and outs of blogging. During my younger years I was able to gain a decent sized following (nothing to brag about) considering I was fifteen (not that anyone knew).

Choose a publishing platform

Top Free (Recommended) :

All four options above are great for starting a blog. I believe that if you’re serious about blogging, WordPress is your best option. Blogger is great, however, more publishers are switching to WordPress. Tumblr is also a great place to start a blog. There are many free themes available that mimic the layout of a generic wordpress blog. A great tip would be to have a WordPress blog for your main articles/content and a tumblr blog for posts focusing on photos and  your everyday life/inspiration. My tumblr features various images raging from fashion, graphic design, web design, typography and funny animal pictures. (Easy Set-up) is a great way to try out the whole WordPress interface without the process of starting a website from scratch. The customization is very limited, and themes cost money. (Unlike on .org where there are many free themes available). If your comfortable with having limited customization options but still want to have a blog for free, is your match.

Below is a brief list of some costs if you wish to add additional features to your blog:

  • Domain Name ($13-$25.00/yr)
  • Extra Storage -gb ($20.00-$290.00/yr)
  • Custom Design ($30.00/yr)
  • Go Ad Free ($30.00/yr)
  • Read More Here (most popular) is a software that is to be installed on a server (that’s as technical as I’ll be getting, don’t worry) and you’ll have your own domain name ( It’s completely free and is easy to use and set up once it’s installed. Some of your favourite sites use the wordpress software. It looks great and is super customizable. must be installed on a server which is why, you must purchase web hosting. If you have no idea how to start a website, you can watch my tutorial. is the platform I use for my blog and most if not all of the top bloggers use Once you go, you’ll never go back!


    1. Hi Michele, thanks for the compliment!

      I’m self-taught, although the girls who code program is amazing. I’m sure I would of joined had it been around when I was younger.

    1. Hi Rachel:

      The theme for XO PIXEL is one that I designed myself. If you have a good understanding of front-end coding (HTML, CSS) and some PHP you should have no problem designing your own basic theme. To get started, I suggest you try tweaking a free WordPress theme so that you become familiar with the basic structure of a theme. Best wishes!

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