How To Make Your Own Website In 2 Minutes

Greetings! Today’s video will show you how to make your own website in 3 steps. This video has some tips that I hope you may find useful. Despite this videos brevity, it covers the basics so that you can get on your way to creating a greater online presence.

The 3 steps outlined are:

1. Buy a domain name (I chose Namecheap as my domain registrar)
2. Buy web hosting Hostgator is a great hosting service, I use to host my website. (Or your site will just be your domain name and a web page with zero content)
3. Install web software such as WordPress (WordPress is awesome, full of great features & free!)

Once you’ve done all three steps, tell everyone you know that you have a website! The 4th step is to promote your business! How? Stay tuned for a future blog post.

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