Free Wallpaper: Love For Design & Tech

Happy Friday! I’ve got a special freebie for you. It’s free wallpaper for your tech! I designed this wallpaper for all my design and tech enthusiast in mind. If you look closely at the pattern, there’s the classic Photoshop pen tool, a computer screen, hearts, x’s and o’s and even some html and css images. This wallpaper comes in two colours, iconic to XO PIXEL: pink and grey. Feel free to download the wallpaper to your favorite device. I’ve got mine on my desktop computer (where all the magic happens). Enjoy!

Download Here:

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  • emagjine

    I absolutely love the wallpaper! Thanks!

    • Hey Emagjine! I’m so glad you love the wallpaper. I’ve got some more wallpaper designs that will be coming to the blog soon 🙂

  • TimTamTheSpam

    Has this got copyright / can i use it for free?

    • Yes, it’s free for personal use! Just don’t sell it or anything 😛